Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Referral Day!

I will never forget this day in 2008.  I was working as a Teaching Asst. in a 2nd grade class.  We had recently switched to the SN program of China.  We were hoping for a match.  On May 19th the teacher I was working with sent me to the copy room to copy a map of China.  I remember looking at the map wondering where, in that vast counttry, would our daughter be from.  I walked back to the room.  Laurie said that there had been a phone message while I was gone.  It was from A Helping Hand (our adoption agency)  I called right back, got Dana our advocate, on the phone and heard the long awaited words "Kathie I think we have a little girl for you".  I remember crying and saying something about the timing.  You see, my good friend Christine had died on Friday May 16th following a courageous battle with breast cancer.  She had so wanted me to get our match.  Some how I knew it was all part of the plan.  I ran home to pull up Dana's email and this is what I saw:

We accepted the referral and the rest is history as they say. What a day and what a joy we have in Sierra!

Please remember Chrissie's family in your thoughts and prayers.  It was announced on their blog this morning
 that Chrissie has gone home to dance with Jesus.


  1. Happy, Happy, Happy Referral Day!!!!

  2. Wow, that is remarkable! What a great story!! Happy Referral day!!

  3. What a wonderful day to remember! Happy Referral Day! Thanks for posting precious Chrissie's blog, what a heartbreaking and heartwarming story.

  4. What a sweet story about your referral of Sierra. Oh, what a precious face from even those first photos. It's such fun to see what a gorgeous little girl she's blossomed into now.

    I've also been keeping up with Chrissie's blog. Although my heart aches for her family, I'm so glad she was surrounded by such love in her last months.

    I hope all is well with you and your sweet family.